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Depression is a serious mental disorder that can turn into a life threatening health problem when not diagnosed. Depression is characterized by low mood, persistent sadness, and episodes where people are usually completely uninterested in the things they are interested in and want to enjoy. Depression is a chronic problem that lasts 6 to 8 months and is more likely to attack women than men. Overconfidence and high security are the major contributing factors to depression. Life events such as death, environmental and psychological factors are also prevalent in depression. Astrological combinations are responsible for depression The combination of Saturn and Moon negatively affects our emotions and pushes our mind towards negative thoughts. Rahu's relationship with the moon can lead to impulsive behavior. A person may begin to have hallucinations or daydreams about things that only his subconscious mind is thinking. Moon's connection with Ketu can lead to emotional detachment with the people around you. Ignorance leads a person to isolate himself / herself from others, which leads to depression. The position of the Moon in the 6th, 8th, and 12th house can lead to struggles, obstacles, shocks and isolations, which can cause frustration for the individual.

Depression is very common now a day. Everyone experiences depression and stress in his life. But we soon come out from this state due to our thinking process and efforts. It becomes a serious matter if depression punches very often and we become the victim of it. Tendency of getting depression can also be located in a horoscope.

Dealing with depression is a quite challenging task that a person has to face and it also has a direct impact in the personal and professional life of an individual. Most of the people are not aware of the fact that various issues in their life occur because of the misalignment of planets in their birth chart. Ramdev Astro has been into the astrology for long years now, he helps people to deal with all kinds of sufferings that they have to go through in life. Ramdev Astro has been providing guidance to help people to come out depression by providing them the right guidance and remedies for making the correct changes in the planets in the astrology chart of a person. If you have been tired of popping anti-depressants and you want to cure your depression in a safe manner then Ramdev Astro is the right person to contact.

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