Holotropic States of Consciousness, Archetypical Psychology and Transit Astrology

Date Published : 24-Sep-2020

Among several methods of experimental psychotherapy, the holotropic state of consciousness is quite popular. It is a mental status derived from various researches about spiritual practices, depth psychology to achieve the non-ordinary state of consciousness or NOSC. When accelerated breathing and evocative music allow us to access the inside world in a focused manner, deeper levels of insight and awareness are experienced. In this method, the techniques help a person to realize and feel the elements that have got disconnect or blocked elements since our birth.

People feel a new strength and awareness after getting connected to the spiritual world. Since the method has been developed by renowned scientists, it gets a solid scientific base. However, astrologers say that every person cannot experience deeper levels of consciousness. It is essential to study the horoscope and planetary combinations. The Best Indian Astrologer in UK will be able to find out the possibilities of a person experiencing higher levels of spiritual experiences. Based on the personal experiences of people and qualitative data, it says that the experiences reveal a picture of the human psyche that is deeper and broader than the medical model given by Freud.

What is Archetypical Psychology or Abnormal Psychology?

Archetypical psychology is a branch of psychology. When psychologists want to deal with abnormal behavior or psychopathology in the clinical context, the branch offers great help. It can be useful in treating a wide range of disorders such as OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), depression, personality disorders, and so on. People, who use Archetypical psychology frequently are clinical psychologists, counselors, and psychotherapists.

What is the meaning of the word ‘Archetypical’ or Abnormal? When something happens outside of the norm, it is called abnormal. Many human behaviors fall under the normal curve. It is a typical bell-shaped curve where the majority of individuals are clustered around the higher end of the curve (called average). People who fall at either end of the normal curve are considered abnormal. However, you must not forget that things lying outside the normal curve are not always ‘bad’. Take the example of the intelligence curve. Here, people lying at the upper end are considered a genius, which is a good thing.

How are Archetypical psychology and astrology related? Well, when an astrologer, palmist, or Spiritual healer in London examines the horoscope of a client or reads the palm, he can accurately judge the psychological condition. It is because the same is controlled by specific planets and their combinations. The level of distress or disruption can be sensed, and appropriate remedies can be suggested to intervene mental unrest.

What is the role of perspectives in the study of Archetypical Psychology?

To correct the disbalance of the behavior, therapists suggest a variety of treatment methods, based on different perspectives of the problem.

  • Psychoanalytical approach: It predominantly uses the theories given by Sigmund Freud. The crux of it is that behind an abnormal behavior, there are unconscious memories, thoughts, or desires. Therefore, to correct the behavior, it is essential to dig down memories.
  • Behavioral approach: It focuses on observable behavior and avoids maladaptive behavior. Here, the focus is on the behavior and not the underlying causes.
  • Medical approach: If the root cause of abnormal behavior is biological, i.e., mental illness, then therapists look into underlying causes such as physical illness, chemical imbalance, or infection.
  • Cognitive approach: Here, the focus is on how perceptions, reasoning, or thoughts that trigger psychological disorders. The treatment focuses on bringing change in the thoughts or reactions.

Transits Astrology

We know that the birth chart is nothing but a snapshot of the positions of different planets at the time of birth. Whether you want to consult an astrologer to get Ex love back in London or for any other problem, he analyses the birth chart first. Then he moves to the next thing that is Transit Astrology. It talks about the aspect between the current position of a planet up above and its position in the birth chart. Aspect is the degree of arc between two planets in the birth chart. Since the planets are always moving, it happens that they come into aspect with the planetary position recorded in the birth chart of a person. The aspect made by a transiting planet is called 'transit'.

It depends on the speed of the movement of the planet, it can stay in aspect from a few hours to a few years. For example, the moon stays in an aspect for an hour or two because it moves very fast. On the contrary, slow-moving planets such as Pluto or Neptune stay in an aspect for two or three years. When the planet transits, it puts an influence during the entire time it is moving. However, the maximum effect is when it reaches the exact degree, minute, and second of your birth planet.

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